My drawings are distilled devotions and labors of love. The slow accumulation of singular marks amassed in a particular order echoes a physical reality and inevitably creates a new social, physical, and psychological reality for the viewer. Each stroke is a moment of seeing that has specific information encoded in it. Looking is important. Losing time in looking is important. Time encoded in drawings is found time. Distilled into a drawing, it creates its own reality. Vija Celmins, my lodestar, says about her process: “The making, the devotion to making, is what gives it an emotional quality.”

Drawing has been at the core of my work since I’ve been an artist. The minimal yet labor-intensive means that I employ has prompted me to contemplate the relationships that exist between artist and object, artist and idea, artist and time, artist and media. How do these relationships coalesce into a meaningful image and experience for the viewer? The impulse to share an experience with another is, essentially, a loving one, be it a drawing, a story, a touch, a meal, a song. Through the act of creating and gifting an experience we are able to connect with others on a profoundly human level.