The pieces that I’ve selected for Place Value have
each been inspired by a place. When we consider
our relationship to a particular place in the world,
we are, by extension, wondering about how we
exist in the world.

Pat Shannon carefully selects a specific location
and then spends months occupying that space in
order to create her work. Maggie Stark and Nancy
Murphy Spicer were each affected by a trip to a
place that they experienced as travelers: Berlin.
Beth Galston sites a trip to the Galapagos and her
experience of swimming underwater there as a
source. Closer to home (actually at home), she
was mesmerized by the twinkling of fireflies in her
backyard in Carlisle. I also find ideas for my work
within a mile radius of home--simply noticing
what’s at hand. A flower in bloom, a tree, fog.